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Skulls and Orchids

Blue Orchard Bee

Blue Orchard Bee

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The Blue Orchard Bee in nature is a solitary bee and does not make honey, it’s a rare exotic insect and a hidden gem of the bee kingdom and a fantastic pollinator.
It is believed by some that if a Blue Bee is to land on you it brings with it good luck and good fortune.

Spiritual symbolism of the Blue Bee.

Vishnu is represented as a blue bee upon a lotus flower, the symbol of peace, resurrection and nature.

 The bee is blue because blue is the color of the sky from which the gods come. Where Vishnu steps, a spring of mead appears. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, is often depicted with a blue bee on his forehead

Handmade in the Skulls and Orchids workshop the bluebee  pendant is set with a  7 x 5mm sapphire and a 3 x 5 mm sapphire.

Made in rich 9 carat yellow gold the wings of the blue bee  are set with preloved, recycled diamonds and come in an 18 innch, 9 carat yellow gold chain.

The blue bee, beyond the physical the blue bee is said to be a for-seer of imminent changes.

Their ability to quickly change direction symbolises life’s rapid change and the need for an open mind on your life’s path.

Hand made in 9 carat yellow gold set with 2 sapphires with the wings finished with preloved, recycled diamonds. The Blue Bee pendant comes on a pretty 9 carat yellow gold chain, approximately 18” long

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