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Skulls and Orchids

Navigator ~ Found Peace

Navigator ~ Found Peace

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Navigator ~ ‘What’s your story?’

Hand made in our on-site workshop, formed from 8 mm solid brass and struck with steel, these rugged heavyweight bangles are designed to be worn for life.

Why Brass? In spiritual and metaphysical traditions Brass is the metal that brings out natural good and inner truth. Even the phrase 'getting down to brass tacks' tells of clearing away the old debris and getting down to the pure and natural truth.

important to note when wearing brass -  When brass comes into contact with skin, sometimes a chemical reaction can occur due to the copper content in the alloy. This reaction can be exacerbated by sweat and other factors, resulting in a green discoloration on the skin. The acidity of your skin can also trigger this type of reaction. Simply wash area with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.

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